Thursday, April 26, 2012

Come Ride With Me

Today, 25th April marks the completion of seven months since I left Taman Jaya, in PJ and how time flies. While I miss home, my friends, my hobbies and my regular activities I must admit that I wouldn't have it any other way if given a choice . Of course there were times when things seemed hopeless or were not going the way I had expected, the irritations,  the inconveniences, the hardships and the physical and mental demands were somewhat excessive but all in all going through them have been worthwhile. I would like to say that I look forward to a pleasant ride the rest of the way to my final destination, London. Considering that I shall be going through several more cities, towns and meandering about the villages' roads I have about 2,000 kilometers more to cover. As I am actually ahead of schedule, I will be able to take things easier and spending more time at places I find interesting. While the cities have their own attractions, it is the villages that give you the sense of peace and tranquility.

After leaving Budapest the ride had been rather pleasant despite the persistent headwinds on all the days. At times the headwinds were so strong that walking would have been faster. On such days to manage 40 or 50 kilometers would be an achievement. The only consolations are the light traffic and the beautiful scenery and things you encounter along the way. For this blog let me just share with you some of  the lovely scenes along the way:

I am now at a town called Mosonmagyarovar about 15 kilometers from the border to Slovakia and about 40 kilometers to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Originally, it was not my intention to go to Slovakia, but after looking at the map and seeing that I would only need an extra three or four days to see the country and then make my way to Vienna , it was an opportunity not to be missed. Tomorrow I'll be on my way - Goodbye Hungary, hello Slovakia.

Spring Cleaning

The Lone Rider

Cycling lanes everywhere

Terry, Sheena or Joe can tell you what they are

A handsome building in Gyor

A nice and quiet place to spend the night

No, it's not what you think

Much slower than cycling

Nothing but Blue Skies

Peace and quiet

Large areas of mustard

A convenient place to rest

Big and small Tesco, Tesco everywhere

No traffic snarl in this town


Joe said...

The purple flowers look like lupin which are very common here in Maine around this time of the year. Have fun amigos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adnan N Aede,
The yellow field could be Canola, where canola oil for cooking. the other yellow flower is Dandelion these are wild. The herbal dandelions are specially picked at the right time of the year for herbal tea and others. Gald you are a head of time. and do enjoy will wait to hear more from you when i get to Malaysia. You have been offered to take use all to Tibet and Varanasi. somewher Next year. I will be going to India to banagalore then to Delhi/ varansi in late july 2012 then back to Malaysia. Shai choon is back in K.L and will discuss the trip to Tibet and Buddha's birth/ enlighten place. Enjoy the rest of the cycling, Enjoy Vienna/ Austria, Have a Safe traip and God Bless. Vessabhu

Terry and Sheena said...

Hi Adnan & Aede
Pretty sure the blue/purple flowers are what we call "Bluebells" in the UK.Another similar flower are "Hyacinths".
Ohhhh!!! to ride on quiet roads that we see in your photos, it must be bliss towards driving in KL.
Glad to hear you have time in hand and can maybe take in more places than you had planned.
Pedal slowly and enjoy - keep safe.
Terry and Sheena

sara said...

Great place, really! This would be a paradise for cycling- lovers!

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