Thursday, August 9, 2012

London 2012

London 2012 is well into the last few days and Team GB is enjoying a great run in the Medals tally and has not only surpassed the total won in Beijing , but achieved the best ever result in its history. It must be said that Team GB has indeed put up a great show from the start with the Opening Ceremony that displayed a fresh approach with numerous innovative ideas . Great Britain had indeed been in the forefront not only in modern inventions as seen in the Industrial Revolution in but also in pioneering a number of sports . Tennis, football, cricket , golf and many others had their roots here and it is also here that rules and regulations governing the sports were formulated and fine-tuned to what we know today. The Opening Ceremony as seen by millions if not billions of television viewers around the world was indeed spectacular to say the least . While credit must go to the Oscar winning director Danny Boyle for creativity, it was the enthusiasm of those taking part in the ceremony that really captivated the audience.

As with all the previous Games, this one is not without incidents. Athletes in
Badminton for instance were shown the exit from the Games for their unsporting behavior while accusations of unfair tactics employed by certain teams were also heard. All in all the host nation, Team GB must be
given credit for the excellent achievement. Everywhere you go you can feel the positive vibrations among the populace that were not evident previously. Well done Team GB for the success. The Games have inspired not only those in Great Britain but people all around the globe . As for me although all the excitement of the Games was through watching it on television I cannot complain because through it I was able to watch any sport that I fancy just by switching channels as all the sports were televised live.

Capping my stay in London has to be the 'reunion' of sorts that I had with my old friend Lim Kim Swee in Central London. Kim Swee is here visiting his daughter who is working here and as he knew that I was here arranged a meeting and it was indeed nostalgic. We reminisced of the time we were in Wolverhampton when we were students fifty years ago. We stayed in the same house then and together with some three hundred other Malaysians, the bondage that we share then is still evident till today , something that we are very proud of and not seen in present day Malaysian society.

By the time you read this blog I would probably be back home in Malaysia and while it had been an unforgettable experience and adventure I would not have been able to come this far without the support and encouragement of all of you. For that I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Till another time, God Bless You all and take care.

Me and my old buddy Lim Kim Swee

This lovely lady from Brazil is promoting World
Cup 2014 and Olympic 2016 in Brazil

Its her duty to make London safe

At the 'Globe'

I bumped into Susan Sarandon at the theatre

Batman Strikes Again

A visit to Stanley Gibbons

Street Entertainer


Photo finish

At the Covent Garden


Terry and Sheena said...

Hi Adnan
Welcome back home to Malaysia, now you can truly relax.
Terry and Sheena.

Rohaniah Noor said...

congratsss your journey successful. malaysians proud of you, sir

Gerrard said...


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that is so cool, I am kind of jealous of you because I wish I could have been in London during the Olympics and live that wonderful experience!

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