Saturday, May 17, 2008

My First Blog on KL-Beijing Cycling Marathon

Welcome to my blog.
This blog is created to facilitate updates of my cycling trip to Beijing and for those who are interested to keep track of my progress when the actual cycling begins on the 26th of May 2008.
I'd like to record my thanks to the following for making the trip possible: Datuk Johan Jaaffar for highlighting my intentions to various people including the media albeit with hardly any positive response; St John Ambulance Malaysia for the assistance given from conducting instructions in first aid, providing first aid necessities,and agreeing to provide escort service from KL to Bukit Kayu Hitam during the ride in Malaysia;Dato' Dr Low Bin Tick; Dhyana Low, Burnard K.T.Yeo, and staff of SJAM Kawasan Pantai Selangor.
En Ahmad Mahmud, Shamsuddin Hassan, Datuk Jaafar Lajis, JJ, Hj Kamaruddin ,Alam, Wak Sudin,Pak Agos, Dr Azlan , Basha and many others at Warung Rus.
Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman, Datin Noorlia, Noorain, Sham Boy, Kak Besah, Dr. Amir Lee ,Tuan Haji Goh Eng Chaye , V.Giri, Daniel, Jimbo and many others for their support and encouragement. Also my ex students of RMC esp DR Sham, Kam Kasturi, and Anis Yusal who made me feel young again.
From the USA I would like to thank Dr Kweethai and Dr Steve Stork for their assistance and advice pertaining to training and health considerations.
Mazlan Rahmad for providing the bicycle and introducing me to the cycling group during my first ride to Cameron Highlands.
For the moment, the location of the official flag off of the ride and the time have not been confirmed and I will be announcing it through this blog when all is decided.
I welcome cyclists who would like to join me during my ride from KL to Bukit Kayu Hitam but please be sure to call me so that arrangement can be made to accomodate all the needs. You need not ride all the way ,e.g. you may just want to ride up to Rawang or Tanjung Malim. Some may want to join from Ipoh to Taiping or from Penang to Alor Star or Bukit Kayu Hitam.

That will be all for today and to know more please call me at 6012 6369227. or email:

Best Regards,

Adnan Osman


Ngae said...

Brother: All my best wishes and thoughts will be with you. See you on your return. I will be away for about a month starting mid next week. I cannot send you off sorry man. I will keep track of your progress. May God guide you all the way to Beijing.

oadnanxtreme said...

Dear Pak Nan,

Wishing you a safe and a memorable marthon to China from all of us. All the very best Pak Nan.

Sham Boy, Syafiqah, Syahirah , Mak Norma.

oadnanxtreme said...

Thanks Ngae, we'll talk when I came back. Take care.

oadnanxtreme said...
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zbsports said...

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