Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday chat

Hi Guys,

Nothing much happened since my first posting yesterday but a regular at Warung Rus called me to express his disappointment because I didn't mention his name with the group at the Warung. Of course I apologise for the omission. How could I not remember Cikgu Lee who's been one of those feeding me with lots of facts about China.He himself has been to China some years back and in fact gave me two books on China for reference. He is insistent that I locate a certain village that he missed while there. The village is ruled by women .The women do not marry but free to choose any man they fancy to fulfill their physical needs besides ensuring the continued existence of the species. The off springs are then cared for by the whole community. Being the 'macho' that he is I have been tasked to locate the village and do the needful. If things turn out to be favourable I am to immediately inform him and he'd catch the first flight out to this so called 'Miao" village - he is confident that he'd be able to persuade them to make him their leader. Apparently this system have been in place for many generations. I have located this village on the map and although is a little way off my route I promised Lee that I'd be happy to do him a favour and check it out for him. His worry however is, that this could be my final destination and that he's not going to ever hear another word from me. He, he

Warung Rus is closed for Wesak Day so there won't be the usual noise and activity in the vicinity. For some the closure means that they have to go without Kamariah' s apam for two days in a row. How they'll manage is anybody's guess.

Until next time , take care.


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