Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wonderful Time in Ipoh and Taiping.


Had breakfast with Mr. Manin Singh and wife, Rajinder Kaur PJK. and about 20 boys and girls from Yuk Choy school. We were flagged-off by Dr. Harbaksh Singh and wife. We left the SJAM PERAK headquarters around 8.45 a.m. escorted by the ambulance driven by Mr. Chia Poh Seng , the area secretary of Central Perak. We arrived in Kuala Kangsar at 11.30 a.m. and I was met by my brother- in-law Dato' Syed Abdul Rahman (EX-MCKK) at Ah Loke restaurant ( Frequented by students in the 50's - one of the best Hailam restaurants in town ) I paid a visit to my old school (Clifford) and I was met by guru kanan bahasa as the HM was not around. Saw my classrooms from 1954 to 1960. The school has expended but the old hall and Chulan hostel still stand. Rather nostalgic, I must say since i have not been back back since 1961.

After that i left K.K around 1.30 to Taiping. Passed old familiar places then stopped at Shell station for a break in Padang Rengas. The owner Mr. Goh Yew Chee (an old Cliffordian himself) was so impressed with my effort that the soya bean and 100Plus that I drank on the house. On the way up Bukit Berapit my gears gave problems but somehow managed to reach the top without pushing. It was downhill for about 3 km without pedaling. Made another stop at a "gerai" in Bukit Gantang for asam laksa. In Bukit Gantang can't help thinking of JJ and his girls from KL during his visit for the election campaign in March.

4kms before Taiping we were caught in pouring rain and had to stop at a road side stall for one hour. Finally reached Taiping around 5 p.m. to a rousing welcome by officers from St. John North Perak and about 25 students who are attending a leadership course. The welcoming party comprised Madam Woo Yee Yuen, Madam Low Mei Hoon , Mr. Chan Kwai Woh and fellow officers.

I am indeed impressed with the set up of the headquarters which is made u a nursing home and a St. John headquarters itself. The home has 32 inmates ( 18 females and 14 males ). The nursing charges are very much cheaper than those of the Klang Valley. The charges are RM800 for nursing care for patients with mobility restricted problems and RM750 for those who can move on their own and there are also free patients made up of those with no next of kin or referred by surgeon who knows the background. Bachelors or spinters are charged half rate. I had a pleasant chat with an inmate who is 94 years old, Madam Teo Siew Mooi. It was an unique experience as she is still alert and sharp. I must say that the St. John Association of Malaysia is doing a very commendable service to the nation.

We had dinner at the Taiping New Club hosted by Dato' Ong Chin Choon who is the President of St. John Ambulance of North Perak. Also present were Mr. Ang Lye Hong (area commander),
Mr.Robertson Lim Ah Ong , Madam Low Mei Hoon , Mr Loh Boon Ken and Mr. Muthusamy. It was a wonderful dinner with fried veal, curry ikan patin, lemon chicken and vegetables. Taiping is actually my hometown and this home coming is indeed meaningful meeting all the wonderful people. How I wish I could share this wonderful experience with my friends from "Warong Rus" in PJ old town. I am already missing you guys : Datuk Johan Jaaffar, Ahmad Mahmud, Mr Lee, Jimbo, Pak Agos, Dato' Jafar, Haji Kamaruddin, Wak Nordin, Basha, Stanley's loud voice, JJ, Razif, Major RTD Yusof and of course Kamariah's cooking especially her specialty "the apam"-She can drive some people crazy with that. I shall post pictures for my next blog, if possible. Till next time. Regards to all.



ARZ said...

Cik Gu Adnan,

I posted my comment earlier. If it had not been succesful, here's another, just to be sure I can congratulate you on this extreme effort, true to your blog address.

I was an ex-student of RMC too. Unfortunately I left long before you went there to teach. I cycled too and did some touring, but nothing like what you are attempting now.

I will be tracking you all the time. So, I do hope you can update your blog as frequently as possible.

Saya doakan keselamatan Cik Gu disepanjang jalan.

Ahmad Ramli
RMC 1967 - 1970

afflatus said...

Pak Nan,

At the Facebook group "Adnan Cycling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing" (, there are already 33 members -- these are people who support you on your quest to Beijing:

01. Adni Dahalan (Malaysia) - also a cyclist
02. Afizulazha Bin Abdullah (Malaysia)
03. Aidi Ghazi (Malaysia)
04. Ahmad Azrin (Malaysia)
05. Aloha Lavina (Thailand)
06. B.P. Ng (Malaysia)
07. Faizal Sohaimi (Malaysia)
08. Graham Doxey (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
09. Hana Hasannudin (Malaysia) - my daughter
10. Hasannudin Saidin (Malaysia) - me!
11. Kathy Geller (Malaysia, moving to California, USA)
12. Leilanie Mohd Nor (Malaysia)
13. Lim Kin Chew (Singapore)
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16. Mahizzan Mohd Fadzil (Malaysia) - also a cyclist
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31. Suanie T (Malaysia)
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33. Yoon-Kit Yong (Malaysia)

The following people have these messages for you in the Facebook group "Wall":

Kathy Geller wrote
at 7:43am on 31 May 2008
Adnan: You are an inspiration to us all to be healthy and to be involved! Safe cycling! And most of all "enjoy the ride!"

Liza Abidin wrote
at 8:13am on 2 June 2008
Keep up the MALAYSIA BOLEH spirit! Best wishes.

Ruby Zhou wrote
at 4:29pm on 2 June 2008
good luck to your bicyle trip !and welcome to China!Come on!

Luv always,

Erleen said...

Dear Pak Nan,

Sorry I couldn't flag you off on May 26, as I was in a travelling on flight somewhere in international airspace! But anyway, just to let you know that you have all our unconditional love & support in this project, and rest assured we are one of your biggest fans!

leen & nasrul

afflatus said...

Pak Nan,

Traffic in Malaysia is crazy from afternoon today and jams will continue till midnight! Why? All petrol stations have kilometers-long queues of vehicles. WHY? PETROL PRICE 40% INCREASE from midnight. Will now be RM2.70/litre.


Guess I should clean up and repair my bicycle and start riding again...


Luv always,