Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flag off

Hello all,

Today was the big day, was flagged off at 5 a.m from the St John HQ by Dato' Dr Low, Commander-in-Chief of St. John Ambulance Malaysia together with my wife & sons, rode off with Mazlan & also my ex RMC boy, Azly(thank you Azly for sending us off). The ride was hot after Tanjung Malim, we arrived at Kampar at around 1+, had our lunch and then proceeded to visit the St Johns Dialysis center, we arrived at Ipoh at 6 p.m, had our dinner at the old Anderson club, met up with Raja Harun & ex RMC boy Adis, had a few drinks with them, Raja Harun was my classmate from year 56, so it was really memorable meeting up with them, i guess that is all for today, will be leaving for Taiping at 8.30 a.m tomorrow.

I would like to send my warmest regards to my friends at Warung Rus & also to the readers of my blog.


with Dato' Dr Low


Azly Anwar @ Bandit said...

Cikgu... again Sir, all the best..

The events of yesterday morning was also documented at:



OP Kam said...

Dear Cikgu Adnan,

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your flagged-off yesterday at Jalan Peel. I was downed due to fever. But I'm sure a few of my friends like Bandit was there to send you off.

I wish you & Mat Licin all the best!

Don said...

Hi Adnan,

Wat coincidence ! Whilst visiting yr blog for the 1st time a moment ago, Mazlan called & we spoke. Speaking to THE man himself while looking at his pictures .. an Honor, Sir. Had jst picked up yr blog addy fm Bandit's email (tks Bandit).

We all wish u a wonderful & most memorable journey of yr life. All the best & ride safe.

Cheerz !

MaxinQuaye said...

A small step, but such an important one at that! Hopefully your journey will be a meaningful one.

Here's wishing you all the best in your endeavour. Will closely follow your journey as it unfolds.

Be safe!


Tigerkun said...

Selamat jalan Cikgu. Jangan kayuh laju sangat... :-))

Saya doakan Cikgu selamat sampai dan pulang ke Malaysia.

OP Kamarul Azhan (81-85 B Coy)

oadnanxtreme said...

Dato' Dr. Low was incorrectly mentioned as Chief of St John Kawasan Pantai Selangor. Dato' Dr. Low is actually the Commander-in-Chief of St. John Ambulance Malaysia. The error is regretted.

-Aedewan Adnan-

Anonymous said...

One of your reader who's fascinated with what you;re doing.

All the best and hope you make us all Malaysian proud.