Sunday, June 15, 2008

From Korat to........

Hi Guys,
It's me again, this time from Korat (Nakon Ratchashima) where the SEA games was held in December. Got here late yesterday and am really very tired, may stay here an extra day to look around. Nothing much to write about the cycling, the same boring routine but this time with some hills. It's better for me to write something about my observations of the things in Thai towns.
Transport in Cities and Towns as in all over the world are always getting a lot of attention because of its complexities. Some seem to run well while others are always plagued with problems - like in Malaysia. What I notice in Thailand is quite unique. There is the usual Express Buses that go long distances; then, there is the regular stage buses that go from one town to the other and back; in the towns you have the taxis that are comfortable and the tuk-tuks that are fast and cheap. But do you know, here, they also have taxis in the form of motorcycles, yes, motorcycles.They take you from one point to the other for a small fee and you ride pillion. They can be seen at various corner and locations in the town and they wear a distinct vest with name and number. That I think is a brilliant idea. It not only provide jobs, it is also convenient to beat the jams . I noticed a young girl getting down from a stage bus with her grandmother and putting the granny on a motorcycle, side saddle, to her next destination. Would you do that with your granny? Then you still see some of the trishaws still operating, using leg power. Travelling in Indonesia and Thailand I see that almost anybody is given a chance to earn a living in just about anyway they choose. Maybe we should do the same in Malaysia, then we won't have taxis refusing to use the meter or bus companies monopolising a given route. We may even get rid of the Mat Rempits.
While in the hotel room, idling away the time, I had the chance to watch some TV and I must say that I have never seen so much sports programs in one day than when I was here. In one day I saw Wimbeldon Tennis live and reruns of previous championships, The Formula One ; Moto GP; Motocross and Stunt motorcycle competitions; Cycling.races; Mountain bike races; Snowboarding; Skiers jumping of cliffs; Skydiving (Solo and Team competitions) Drifting that had a Malaysian driver; Formula BMW at Sepang ; Australian Surfing rescue comp.; NBA; Baseball; Beijing Olympic preparations; EURO 2008 British Premier League; Table tennis; US Open Golf .live plus two channels of Thai boxing. What I am trying to say is; with so much exposure, no wonder the Thais are far ahead in sports - back home we don't cover sports events widely even when we have an international event like the Ironman or the Marathon.
The cyclists in Thailand are a passionate lot and they have so many websites covering the sport.
I don't know if I am right, but I think Thailand have less obese people than Malaysia. So guys don't wait, put on your sports attire, shoes and hit the road, cycle, hike, run, jog, climb or just sweat it out whenever you can. Like they say, use it or lose it. When I get back we can do it together, ok?.
For those who left their comments, thank you very much,I really appreciate them; OP Kam, Chipah, Hassan and his Facebook group, honeystar, afflatus, Naped, Somchai,Ben OPRizal ,Hood and others. Till next time, take care, love you all .


sweeping said...

Hi Adnan,
I hope when you read this you are well and raring to go. When you are tired and need some rest and massage, you know the Thais are good at relaxing you. When are you leaving for Nong Khai or you have other plans. Take your time buddy and enjoy your stay in lovely Thailand 'cos after this you might face greater difficulties.
Take care, Jimbo.

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

Hello there Pak Adnan

It's me again wishing you along your way. I reckon you will be entering Laos via the Friendship Bridge at Nongkhai. Enjoy the scenery. I am following your journey with interest - there's kinship between oldies, I guess :)

Azly Anwar @ Bandit said...


to date, how many km have you covered?

I have been requested by your ex-student to 'melapur' to them on your progress..

Azly @ Bandit

oadnanxtreme said...

Jimbo,Ishd b in Nong Khai in a week Don't worry I'll survive, thks for concern.
Don't know 'Bandit", not equipped with fancy gadgets.Wish some of u r with me.
PuteriKama, nice to know u r tracking me ,making sure I m up to no mischief eh , he,he. Need cheer.

Tey said...


add oil...!


from Tey

SJAM-KPS said...

Hi, St John Ambulans Malaysia here to congratulate on your achievement and hope you keep up the good work.

Azly Anwar @ Bandit said...


if we were to follow the book by the S'porean who cycled to Beijing, it's estimated thet you have covered 1000km!

FYI, by the time he reached the Thai/Laos border he covered 2000km!!

Considering that he started from S'pore, he had a 500km head start..

Anyway Sir, on technical side, your tires should be 'running out' by now. Similarly, your brakes and tires may require adjustments/alignments.

I strongly suggest you send the bike for a check up at the next big town.. find a reasonable bike shop and send it for servicing..

In Laos, the road conditions are 'so and so' and getting spare parts maybe difficult!



oadnanxtreme said...

Thanks all 4 advice and concern.Hope to svrvive tho mentally very stressed. being alone except when I meet people I can talk to. I have changed brake pads n serviced the gears.will change tyres before crossing to Laos. Keep me company thru your comments.

oadnanxtreme said...

SJAM, I wear ur t shirts all the time,will send some pics.
Thank u Tey.Thank u PACM Richard.
Bandit too
and Puteri.

somchai said...

This phone no. 0890414478 is belongs to my friend and live in Vientian,Loas.He is a cyclist too and you can call anytime.Good luck.