Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bangkok to Saraburi

Hi Guys
I am now in Saraburi , 107km north of Bangkok. I left at 5.30am accompanied by a cyclist from the Thailand cycling club known as Oil (Oiltrips), a cross country cyclist, and following us in a vehicle were Mr Naped and Pitchrin Siribunwan. We cycled for about 15 km out of Bangkok before I was let out on my own. It was indeed a kind gesture and I really can't thank them enough. Cyclists from this club are indeed passionate about the sport and are always willing to assist other cyclists from outside.
The route to Saraburi is flat and wide but the traffic is heavy and as I have never ridden on a highway before it was indeed scary. The highway to Saraburi is very straight with 3 lanes on each side and alongside it is another road running parallel heading in the same direction. In other words there are 5 lanes on each side. There are no toll booths , so I assume it is free. The highway is definitely superior to our highways in my opinion, I wonder if Samy has been here.
I had a puncture 50 km out and that delayed me for some 25 minutes. It is tough really when you have to do it alone and in the hot sun.
I stopped for some food and drinks at the RnR about 30 km from Saraburi and was surprised to note that the place was not crowded like those on our highways.
I am now very tired and if I don't feel up to it I might spend an extra day here . My next destination is Korat. (Nakon Ratchasima) where the last SEA Games was held. Another cyclist is expected to meet me there. Isn't that nice. Another observation I made on the highway is that there were hardly any motorcyclists using it and of course I was the only cyclist the entire route.
I still receive many SMSes from well wishes from all over and I must say that it gives me real pleasure to know that I have friends everywhere now. Thank you all and maybe one day we may meet and share our experiences. Some tell me they are now thinking of buying a bicycle or taking it out from the store. Whatever you do, make sure it is safe. Don't do what I do, I only started serious cycling 6 months ago and there is actually a lot to learn especially how to ride safely. Malaysian towns and cities are not cyclist- friendly .Our city fathers need to change their priorities. Cycling is not only eco friendly but it is also a good form of exercise.
For your information my final destination is Beijing but you also need to know I still am without the China visa. China is now restricting visitors because of the Olympics. All are fully booked apparently. I just got to try when I get to the border. Wish me luck.
That's all for now. Till the next time - take care. Love you all.


Syarifah said...

Wel done Nan!I m tracking u!May be A shah n i wil c u in Hanoi 1st.week july.Take it easy.we can relax hualon bay kalo mau!Gud luckfm all!

Syarifah said...

Kalau letih rest dulu ya!U r doing great so far.I pray u wil be given china visa.Considering ur age I am sure they wil give u,hopefully.I beli atalas nak tengak u dimana.God willing 3 of us will meet in Hanoi by early july.I plan to spend 5 days there.Nak book tiket soon.Ada masa kita relax dua tiga hari d Hualon Bay ats boat. Love fm all of us!

OP Kam said...

Well done Cikgu.... u got nearer & nearer to China. I'm sure if u tell the border guards that ur cycling from M'sia just to see the Olympic, they will let u in. I believe they don't hv heart to tell u to turn back. If they do, i'll boycott all China products.... hmmm nearly all things in my house are made in China. LOL!

sweeping said...

Hi Adnan,
this is Jimbo again from Auckland. I'm glad to here you're ok. Are you going to laos and Vietnam before China? I'm sure the chinese will grant you the visa but maybe you can't get into Beijing without tickets for the Olympics. You might have to apply for the visa in Laos or Vietnam. Why not KL or Bangkok, huh?
You take care buddy, our thoughts are with you. Keep Going!

naaPed said...

Adnan,we wish you success and have a good trip.
clik here please...

naaPed said...

Adnan in Bangkok.
Day -1 send you some pix clik :

Honey Star said...

Good Luck Uncle Adnan!! Take care and Be Safe! Hope to read about your adventures soon!!

afflatus said...

Pak Nan,

In my last update, I said that the Facebook group supporting your ride had 68 members. It just arrived at membership of 100 people! I will post their names here later.

Another Malaysian, 56-year old David Munusamy Reddie just left Nibong Tebal to cycle to Beijing Olympics, too! Click this link:

Ride on!

Luv always,

somchai said...

Pak Nan,
Don't forget to call my friends when you arrive Korat.They are waiting you there.I wish you success and reach Beijing.
Somchai M.