Friday, June 6, 2008


I'm now in Chumphon, quite a modern town about the size of Klang. The place is not crowded and though the traffic system is a little confusing everything seems to move well, people don't drive like Malaysians, nobody seems to speed, and there are no Mat Rempits. In Hattyai there is hardly anybody cycling but I was told that there are recreational cyclists and they cycle outside the city.
In Chumphon there are more cyclists than Hattyai . I also did not see many 'Kwai Lohs' in Hattyai but there are many of them here because it is near to Phuket , Krabi, Phang Na, and seaside resorts around. I received many sms but do not know from who as their names don't appear on the phone so, if you want to sms me please include your name, your smses are very much appreciated, thank you for all the smses. Thats all for now.



Ann said...

Hi P.Nan,

How's it going? I saw that u posted your Chumphon piece at 3.07am. Hope u r not missing out on your sleep.

BTW, Adeley said u didn't bring a laptop so I guess u're updating us from cybercafes? It's good to know u r computer savvy.

Catch u later & have fun!!

Azly Anwar @ Bandit said...


sorry for the long silence... I was sent to BTN last weekend, then I had my exams on Tuesday, reported back to work on Wednesday (extremely busy because I was out of office for a week), and was on leave again to attend a family wedding.. I am currently in K Trg.. will be driving back to KL tomorrow!

to be continued!


Azly Anwar @ Bandit said...

OK.. continue-ing..

Wow!! almost to Hatyai.. well done Sir! How has the weather been so far?

And more importantly, how have you been? Eating well? knee/joints/back OK?

Must've been really nice to be on the road right now.. from reading the "S'pore to Beijing" book, you should be enjoying this section of the ride.. flat road, kampung scenes.. have come come accross the section where you could seen the Myanmar border?

Will catch up with you soon.. keep the updates coming.. and safe riding!

Azly @ Bandit

jennynganchee said...

My salutations to you sir, well done and keep it going. I feel young following your trip on line. Wish you a safe journey to China and back.
Regards Jenny