Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Need To Decide And Move On

My last effort here failed. I went to the Malaysian Embassy hoping to get some positive answers but alas it was not to be. Nobody could help me anymore ,here at least. Other Malaysians in similar situations have also failed and they include some cyclists. Its up to me now ,whether to return to KL or continue cycling to the south of Vietnam and then on to Cambodia and back through Thailand. Whatever it is it will still be fun as far as I am concerned. You guys can still follow my blog because I am certain I'll be encountering more interesting people and places to write about. I am now a familiar face in Hanoi and need to move on as it is not cheap here. A few people have been quite close to me and I am going to miss them .
This is all for today.Regards to all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Adnan,

Your being denied the China visa may be a blessing in disguise.
Cyling in crowded China with the heightened security hassles may not be fun.Trying to enter Beijing on a bicycle during the olympics is also asking for trouble.
The alternative plan to cycle home via Vietnam and Cambodia sounds like fun.Go for it, man!
Dr Amir Lee

sweeping said...

Hi Adnan,
I feel sad for you. You've achieved a lot, buddy, take heart. Do what you think is right and enjoy yourself.
It has been interesting following your blog and you've kept it up very well. Stay focused don't be discouraged.
Take care until I hear from you.

Azly Anwar @ Bandit said...


I salute you.. can't imagine how i'd be like to be on the road for 1.5 months.


Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

Salaam Pak Adnan

Go on! Vietnam, Cambodia, back to Thailand and home... we will follow your travels faithfully as we have these past weeks.. so what if China is no-go... there's always a next time... Cheers from the Abu family. Wassalam.