Thursday, October 13, 2011

Petchaburi -maybe 2 days to Bangkok

We left Hua Hin quite late, later and later by the day and it is not helping us gain kilometers. We really must be up early to be able to ride comfortably in the cool. You see, that's what happens when you travel with a partner. If your partner likes to sleep and get up late, you just can't leave him behind.
When I continue from Bangkok I shall be alone and from then I can leave as early or as late as I like.

We also went to the seaside to check out the happenings there and Din decided to take a ride on one of the horses that is provided to visitors on the beach. Hua Hin is a vibrant city with a large foreign community especially from the west. I also noticed that many of the 'white' men are married to local women. Such associations I find very common in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and to a certain extent in Malaysia and Indonesia.
The other noticeable feature is that these foreign visitors or tourists from the west are mostly middle - aged and 80 percent of them are excessively obese .Many of them find it difficult even to walk short distances. It is very different with the Japanese. Wherever you go you meet Japanese ladies or men young and old very small and petite and neat, trim and proper.My Japanese friend, Nishimura, in PJ will tell you why.

Hua Hin also boasts of luxury hotels like the Hilton , Sofitel, Marriott and others.And to top it all you can hire luxury yachts and sail the seas.

Leaving Hua Hin we had to get back on the same way we came in for more than 20 km before we were back on the highway to Bangkok. In other words we cycled an extra 50 km just to be in Hua Hin but it was well worth it. It rained for some ten minutes along the way but that was no excuse for arriving late in Petchaburi . We reached it at about 7.00 pm local time, which is 8 pm Malaysian time and it was already dark. We somehow managed to find a 'cheap' hotel along the Highway leading to Bangkok. We did not go into town as we were not sure how far it was -we don't want to cycle more than required, at least for today.

To those who are wondering about not seeing pictures in my blog will have to wait a little longer. I promise to post many pictures when I get to Bangkok. And to those who post comments, too, need to wait for me to respond. This 'old man' is still learning how to use this ' new toy.'

Bangkok is still about 200 km away and tomorrow we have about 100 km to ride. Poor me. Cheers to all.

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Joe said...

Hope you are still having fun on this trip!!!

Anonymous said...

cikgu keep pedalling.wish u good health and all the best.deen j.b.

Kuan Yee said...

hi Adnan, Glad that u r doing well n we r tracking your progress on a daily basis. Am sure that u r already missing home n Malaysia! Salam Baik from Goon n Kuan Yee

Bandit said...

Well done Cikgu! Hope the final section to Bangkok is clear and smooth.. perhaps it'll be nightover at Samut Songkhram or Samut Sakhon..

Keep your chin up, weather after Bangkok would be cooler (or so I'm told)..

With admiration and awe.. your student (not qualified as EX-student) coz I'm still getting daily lessons through your blog postings).. Bandit