Friday, October 7, 2011

Surat Thani to Tha Chana

WE left Surat Thani around 11am not quite sure where our next stop would be. We just continued cycling by watching the highway signs and on some occasions had to ask the the locals to make sure we were on the right route. Whenever we felt tired or needed a rest we always look out for the 711 store sign that are also at the petrol stations. There you have the toilets, 711 store, eating stalls and rest areas. On some occasions when the weather looked like it was going to rain, we had to make adjustments to our panniers to make sure it would not get wet if it rained. The petrol stations/711 stores are around 10 or 15 km apart ,so you don't need to worry about going hungry and going without food or drink.

When it was getting late and we were not sure of our stop for the night, we saw a sign that says 'Homestay Resort' 10km. ,and true enough we found the place just as it was getting dark. The place is about 10km from Tha Chana and it is run by a lady ,Pongsiri, a mathematics teacher who just retired a few months ago. The place is a very nice bungalow with two rooms upstairs and a room downstairs. She has two helpers who keep the place spick and span. She serves very good food but be sure to indicate your preference ,or you'd get very hot and spicy dishes that can see steam coming out of your head.

If you are at her place during the fruit season there would be plenty enjoy, like durians, mangosteen dokong ,'chempedak' and others. She also plants her own wegetables without useing insecticide or chemical fertilizers. In other words it is organic by nature.

Travellers passing the area should check out the place, you certainly won't regret it.

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