Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thung Song and Northwards

Tuesday 4th October 2011

Thung Song: Breakfast at Shareef Restaurant (a muslim restaurant run by ladies). Owned by Chalor Srisuksai, tel:075-420442 mobile:089-4741754. Food suits most Malaysians though 'chilli' hot with most dishes. It may seem strange to us but even for breakfast iced water is served alongside your order. Seldom do you see Thais having coffee or tea.

We left Thung Song around 10.30 and headed for Ban Na San a town about 100km away and about 60 km to Surat Thani. After about1 hour of riding we stopped for a drink at a roadside stall and without any warning the sky opened up and it started to rain heavily. We could do nothing but to wait out till the rain stopped. Unfortunately the rains persisted and although it was very light it continued for about three and a half hours. We continued cycling after the rain stopped, for about three hours, when it started to get dark. We managed to find a motel in the middle of some obscure rubber holdings. From the outside the Motel looked more like a row of garage for trucks but on a closer look what looked like the back wall of the garage, a door opens to a room complete with TV and air-conditioning,a toilet, and to top it all a condom is available on the bedside table,' he he'. Once checked  in a blind is pulled down to hide whoever or what vehicle is parked there. Apparently the place is just right for those who want to get 'lost' for a while.

WE were charged 300 baht for it, but when leaving the place in the morning, the sign outside says 250 for air-con and 150 for fan. Suckers.

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Joe said...

Hope you got a good sleep at least!

sydazleen said...

Abg Nan! Sori did not c u off dat day. nonetheless we always pray u remain healthy to achieve ur mission. we r happy u had done well so far. we r keeping track n using an atlas to locate ur location. we hope the flood wiill recide soon to enable u to cycle all the way north of bangkok to d boarder of loas. with an unpredictable weathar there now we hope n pray God will give u the best of health to enable u to succeed in ur misision. take care and very best wishes n the best of health to u always!

Anonymous said...

cikgu,hopefully ull get a win win situation all the doa is allways for u.Deen,jb.